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NASSCOM Certified Big Data Analytics Course

The most comprehensive curriculum with modules of training material designed by NASSCOM, along with its 31 SIG (Special Interest Group)members such as Goldman Sachs, IBM, Ins Analytics Infosys BPO, Insights of Data, JP Morgan, Karvy Analytics, Knod Global, KPMG, Wipro, WNS, Wells Fargo, Amazon, Capgemini, Concentrix, CITI, Cyient Insights, Accenture, EXL, First America, Fractal Analytics, GENPACT, Google, ADP Deloitte, HCL, HDFC, IBM, ISC2, NIIT University, PwC, Symantec, TCS to name a few,that will prepare you for future externalities in the data analytics industry and fulfil the gap of academics and industry requirements.


Tableau training R Training Hadoop Training Python Training Spark Training Power BI Training

Key Program Highlights of Data Analyst Training


Batch Starts - Nov 2018 & Dec 2018


7 days to prepare prior to the start of program

DURATION : test content test content content

6 months

EFFORT : test content test content content

7-10 Hours per week (recommended)

CERTIFICATION : test content test content content

Government of India Approved Globally recognized Certificate by NASSCOM IT-ITeS SSC


Options- One Time Payment, EMI Payment, Bank Loan

PROGRAM FORMAT : test content test content content

Classroom mode


• 400 hours of Exhaustive Instructor-Led Training (ILT) in Classroom

• Course Content created by 31 Leading Companies in Collaboration with NASSCOM

• Assessment and Certification by NASSCOM IT-ITeS SSC

• NASSCOM SSC official study material

• Government of India Approved Certificate

• Certificate assessment exam conducted by NASSCOM

• Globally recognized Certificate

• Training delivered by NASSCOM-certified & experienced Master Trainers

• 100 hours of Soft Skills training

• 100% Placement Assistance

• Real-World Projects & Case Studies

• Students loan facility from leading banks

Big Data Analytics Course Outline

NASSCOM Certified Big Data Analyst Program Has a Two Prong Objective:
  • Bridging the skill gap between the industry and the academia
  • Building a talent hub to withstand future externalities in the IT-BPM industry.
The program provides a single window point to the top quality content and relevant resources to the trainees to lead on the strategic path to become a certified Data Analyst and ultimately, metamorphosing in to an ace Data scientist.

The upcoming thrust on governance and strategy by organizations rely heavily on Big Data and Analytics. This gave way to formal conceptualization of a qualification pack (QP) or job role framework of Associate Analytics.

The NASSCOM Course weaves in all seven National Occupational Standards (NOS) of Associate Analytics Qualification Pack issued by IT-ITeS Sector Skills Council of NASSCOM.

This official NASSCOM-certified Big Data Analytics program covers R, Python Training, Data wrangling, Integration with Big Data Hadoop, MapReduce, Scoop, Flume, Hive, Pig, HBase, Spark, R with Statistics, Data Mining, Machine Learning Algorithms, Deep Learning, Time Series forecasting, SQL and Tableau.

Emerging India USP's

Faculty With Global Experience
Faculty at Emerging India, comes with industry experience from firms like TCS, Nucleus Software, Genpact, and American Express. On an average, the faculty members have 8-10 years of hands-on experience in the field of analytics.
Career Support And Right Opportunities
We, at Emerging India, provide complete placement assistance to our students. A team of professionals help the students right from creating their resumes to getting them ready for the interviews. Emerging India provides various platforms to the candidates to install and use the software based on their course content.
Industry Relevant Big Data Courses
Courses have been designed keeping in mind the skills sets needed to enter the analytics industry. It emphasizes on providing hands-on practical training to students with real-world case studies.
Instructor Led Interactive And Self-paced Training
High degree of commitment & personal attention is given through small batch size and individual counseling. Hands-on sessions and practice assignments on real life business datasets are included to ensure assimilated learning.
Pedagogy is providing practical hands-on training to the students. Hence, in line with this pedagogical philosophy, our courses are designed in a way that emphasizes on hands-on learning by using large and actual business datasets for students to practice in our lab. Case-studies also focus on practical industry problems.

Big Data Analytics Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to R, R-Studio (GUI)
  • Introduction to various data types Vectors, Array, Matrix, Dataframe and list
  • Working with different file types .txt,.csv etc.
  • R Functions and loops
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Probability
  • Probability distributions
  • Introduction to NoSQL
  • Connecting R to NoSQL databases
  • Excel and R integration with R connector
  • Regression Analysis
  • Assumptions of OLS Regression
  • Regression Modelling
  • Correlation, ANOVA, Forecasting, Heteroscedasticity, Autocorrelation
  • Understanding systems viz. Engineering Design, Manufacturing, Smart Utilities, Production lines, Automotive, Technology etc.
  • Understanding Business problems related to various businesses
  • Time Management
  • Work management & prioritization
  • Quality & Standards Adherence
  • Team Work
  • Professionalism
  • Effective Communication skills
  • Understand various sources of Data like sensors, signal and GPS
  • Export all the data onto Cloud like AWS.
  • Introduction to Big Data tools like Hadoop, Spark, Impala.
  • Installation of Hadoop and Spark components
  • Data ETL process
  • Different type of data sources and collation of data sources to meet business requirement
  • Running Descriptive Statistics
  • Outlier detection and elimination.
  • Hypothesis testing.
  • Training and testing model built with a machine learning algorithm on sample data
  • Prepare the data for Visualization
  • Use tools like Tableau
  • Draw insights out of Visualization tool.
  • Workplace safety
  • Report Accidents & Emergencies
  • Protect health & safety at your work
  • Principles of Facilitating
  • Introduction, Knowledge Management
  • Standardized reporting & compliances
  • Decision Models
  • What and Why Analytics
  • Introduction to Tools and Environment
  • Application of Modelling in Business
  • Missing imputations etc.
  • Need for Business Modelling
  • Regression – Concepts
  • Blue property-assumptions-Least Square Estimation
  • Variable Rationalization and Model Building etc.
  • Databases and Type of data and variables
  • Databases & Types of data and variables
  • Data Modelling Techniques
  • Model Theory
  • Model fit Statistics
  • Model Conclusion
  • Analytics applications to various Business Domains etc.
  • Regression Vs Segmentation – Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
  • Tree Building – Regression, Classification, Overfitting, Pruning and complexity
  • Multiple Decision Trees etc.
  • Receiver operating characteristics
  • Univariate stationary processes (ARMA) and forecasts
  • Univariate Non- stationary , integrated processes(ARIMA) and forecasts
  • Measures of Forecast Accuracy
  • ETL approach
  • Extract features from generated model as height, average, energy
  • Procedures, Guidelines, Purpose & Scope of documentation
  • Structure of documents
  • Type of documents, Case Study, Technical reports, Client reports, Minutes of meeting.
  • Tools for Document preparation – Visio, PowerPoint, MS Word, MS Excel.
  • Knowledge, skills & competences
  • Training & Development
  • Learning & Development Policies and Record keeping
  • Get hands on experience by working on real-time case studies where machine learning and big data have been used in industry and research institutes.
  • Apply machine learning in different domains like manufacturing, retail, finance, agriculture, insurance etc.
  • There will be 3-4 assignments in each module.
  • These assignments will test conceptual as well as practical aspects of the course.
  • They also help to assess the progress of students.
  • A project in each module to apply the concepts learnt during the exam.
  • A final comprehensive big data analytics project at the end of the course which will help to understand the data pipeline and integration of components similar to what is done in real time environment.
  • All the projects will be done on real data.

Data Science Certification

Earn a Government of India Approved Globally recognized Certificate by NASSCOM IT-ITeS SSC after clearing the assessment examination.

Sample Certificate

Eligibility & Selection Criteria

  • Working professionals in IT / Analytics / Statistics / Big Data / Machine Learning
  • Graduates from Engineering / Mathematics / IT backgrounds
  • Students completing their graduation on or before Dec 2019-2020

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About Us

Partnered with NASSCOM, Emerging India group offers diverse training programs to give your career a boost. Emerging India group plays a vital role in transforming the skill and knowledge in learning and provide a wide array of teaching and development solutions for Students, Enterprises and Organizations. Aims to provide NASSCOM Certified programs such as Data Analytics and Cyber Security. We also provides training on programs such as Big Data with Hadoop and Spark course, Machine Learning training, Python Training, Advance Java course, Cyber Security program and Corporate Trainings. Our strategic mission is to up skill and fulfil the basic and advance training needs of students and corporate. We have created a vigorous and dynamic platform to study varied programs delivered by IIT, IIM and MBA professionals. The courses are designed according to the latest industry trends with practical hands on training. Emerging India Group provides the most comprehensive curriculum designed by NASSCOM to make you prepare for future externalities. Expert faculty with ample industry experience from renowned firms like TCS, Genpact, and American Express are there to assist on various programsEmerging India group aims to aid in placement assistance. Spreading its wings of success in 5 national regions and a leadingtraining provider in the field of Data Analytics program, Python training institute, Machine Learning and many more programs aims to impart quality guidance with skill enhancement. Our high quality content training programs outshine your skills to widen your wings of success.